Germantown Tool has more than 50 years experience supplying metal stampings and metal forming services to the Mid-Atlantic region. The die making process requires a significant amount of trial and debugging to ensure the production of acceptable parts, and early in our company history our founder, Paul Wolfe, saw an opportunity to not only make dies but to run production requirements for our customers. In this way we became a supplier of metal stampings to many OEMs in the Philadelphia area. Today Germantown Tool operates 15 metal stamping presses, ranging from 25 to 300 tons and boasting a maximum press bed size of 48” x 84”. These give Germantown Tool the following press-specific capabilities:

Large Presses

  • Large progressive dies
  • Large single-stage dies
  • Draw dies
  • Side-by-side dies

Small Presses

  • Blank & pierce dies
  • Small progressive dies
  • Coining dies


  • Coil, strip, and cut to size blanks
  • .010” to .875” material thickness
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and some copper based alloys