ProTool Industries is the designer and manufacturer of the Woodman’s Pal line of machetes, axes and tactical knives, located in Pottstown Pennsylvania.

When they contacted Germantown Tool their supply chain was unreliable at best. Total lead time for metal components used in assembling their products was counted in months.

protools-twoThe manufacturing process for the products started with either a stamped or laser cut steel blank, followed by heat treating, black powder coat, and in some cases laser etched logos. From that point, ProTool would grind edges, assemble each piece, and package the finished product. They were placing separate orders for metal blanks, laser etching, heat treating, and powder coating services; they had to follow up, expedite, and coordinate freight and delivery to and from all suppliers. An inordinate amount of time was spent managing the supply chain for these parts.

Germantown Tool’s answer to this overburdened procedure was to partner with ProTool industries in offering complete supply chain responsibility for these parts. “This is something we do every day for many of our customers”, Materials Mgr Jim Waters stated. “Over the years we have developed a network of suppliers for complementary metalworking services that enable us to provide complete parts to our customers.” They only need to place one order and we handle everything from there.” added Waters.

protools-threeTransitioning from ProTool’s existing suppliers to partnering with Germantown Tool on a new supply chain process required a great deal of coordination. In addition, ProTool was about to enter into their busy season. In order to keep the ProTool’s assembly lines running, GT took ProTool’s existing inventory of metal blanks and had them heat treated and powder coated as new stamping dies were being built. GT was also able to use our 4000 watt laser to cut blanks for the lower volume products…..25 different products in all.

We are proud to say that due to working closely together on this transition, ProTool did not miss a single delivery!

Today, Germantown Tool works on a blanket order and release system with ProTool. All parts are in stock and ready for delivery. The total lead time has been reduced to just 3 days for any part, delivered to ProTool in one of Germantown Tool’s delivery trucks.

protools-fourAre you spending too much time managing your supply chain? Lead times got you frustrated? Contact us at Germantown Tool. We can help you too.

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