The Client

Flower Orthopedics is the leader in Ready-for-Surgery™ bone fixation. They deliver efficiencies throughout the supply chain that reduce the overall cost of care.

A Cost-Effective Solution with Complete Traceability of Material

When Flower Orthopedics, a German company, opened a US based facility in Horsham, PA, they were looking for a metal fabrication supplier for their orthopedic surgery product “trials”. The trials are inexpensive disposable measuring devices used to determine the correct size of implant needed for the surgery the first time, eliminating the need to open several expensive implant packages in order to determine the correct size through trial and error.

At first, these parts were sourced in Germany, but the company soon realized that a local supplier could provide a more cost-effective solution to manage their supply chain while producing custom laser cut medical devices. The parts required traceability of material, internal processing, and outside supplier processing. Germantown Tool’s ISO 9001 certification and experience made them a perfect fit to provide complete traceability documentation.

Germantown Tool supplies Flower Orthopedics a complete part, providing laser cut medical devices that are ready for gamma sterilization and packaging.

Metal Implants
Metal Implants R1-D1
Metal Implants R1-D1
Brand Llama Metal-Implants R1-D1-13

About the Solution

Material: .020” thick 304 Stainless Steel

Application: Disposable measuring device for selection of correct orthopedic implant

Process: Laser cut, timesave, scotchbright, laser mark, passivate, burr removal, polishing

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