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Germantown Tool & Manufacturing has significant experience with supplying custom metal furniture components to high-end office furniture manufacturers. We excel at creating highly functional components for a variety office furniture. Our fabricated metal parts can be made with a focus on aesthetics, strength and moving elements, such as drawers. Germantown Tool is able to create specialized components and sub-assemblies to support mounting and final product assemblies. Our advanced fabrication capabilities make us an ideal resource for our manufacturing and supply partners. Work with our experienced team for short-run prototyping and long-term, ongoing production runs.

Expert Metal Furniture Component Manufacturing Services

With made-to-order metal furniture components, custom furniture producers can improve and expand upon their product offerings. We supply precision parts that can support your most unique and visually stunning furniture assemblies. Steel desks, custom filing cabinets, dividers and office chairs can be constructed using our high-quality parts. We work with third-party finishing suppliers to support the quality, comfort and cosmetic perfection of beautiful custom furniture. Our in-depth fabrication experience directly supports your assembly and finishing needs.

Customized Fabrication for Metal Office Furniture

When creating custom metal furniture components, we plan our manufacturing efforts around your unique office furniture style and sizing requirements. We offer metal brackets, welding services and specialized parts for drawer mounting and other assembly needs. Our manufacturing capabilities allow you to produce your ideal office furniture because we provide solutions that are truly customized to your goals. Germantown Tool can also offer solutions for virtually any of your preferred finishing options.

Advanced Metal Fabrication for Precise Furniture Assembly

Germantown Tool & Manufacturing can fabricate and supply a wide variety of custom furniture parts, from individual components to sub-assemblies. We offer Advanced Metal Fabrication Capabilities such as stamping, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting services, robotic welding services, mechanical welding services and tooling. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with resources such as robotic MIG welding cells, laser cutting equipment, spot welders, rivet machines and press brakes. Our skilled team also creates tightly controlled products for medical equipment, and we maintain that exacting expertise for uncompromising fabrication of metal furniture components. Long and short runs are available for steel furniture fabrication and complex sub-assemblies.

ISO Certified. Always Improving to Offer you the Best.

Germantown Tool is ISO 9001 certified, which highlights our strong commitment to quality and continued process improvement. By consistently improving methods and ensuring compliance to our clients’ needs, we stay on the leading edge of metal fabrication services. We make great efforts to provide a safe working environment for our employees and we strive to build real relationships with our clients to offer individualized support. Germantown Tool has been providing precision manufacturing services since 1955 and we continue to offer excellent customer service as a top priority.

  • Assembly
  • Deburring & cleaning
  • Drilling & tapping
  • Finishing, painting & powder coating
  • Heat treating
  • Machining
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • and much more

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To connect with our dedicated customer service team for a price quote on your order of custom metal furniture components, Contact Us Today. We are adept at many forms of steel furniture fabrication techniques. Our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you during the ordering, fabrication and delivery of your metal furniture parts. To create custom metal office furniture that is highly attractive and functional, Germantown Tool & Manufacturing is the metal fabrication partner you are looking for.

A Trusted Partner for Metal Furniture Fabrication for Over 50 Years

We satisfy our customers’ requirements throughout the product lifecycle—from product concept, design for manufacture, and prototyping, through tooling, build, and production. This sets us apart from other food and beverage equipment manufacturers. By combining our development, and production capabilities—along with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the food and beverage industry—Germantown Tool & Manufacturing is able to partner with each and every customer to deliver extraordinary results.

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