What is laser metal cutting? Laser metal cutting is a precise and efficient method of cutting metals using a highly focused laser beam that vaporizes the metal almost instantly. This technique is extensively used in large-scale industries where time is a crucial factor. Laser cutters are CNC machines that offer high repeatability, making it possible […]

Product designers and engineers are continually seeking innovative ways to improve manufacturing processes. Robotic welding has emerged as a powerful tool in the production landscape, offering numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, and flexibility. However, to fully leverage the advantages of robotic welding during the product design phase, engineers and designers must carefully consider […]

Robotic welding systems have transformed the welding industry, providing a fast, efficient, and precise way to weld large or complex structures. One such system is the Miller PerformArc Robotic Welding System, which offers a range of benefits and features that can enhance welding productivity, quality, and safety for Germantown Tool and Manufacturing. In this article, […]

Medical equipment requires high precision and quality to meet the demands of the field. That’s why the choice of a metal fabrication partner is so critical. However, choosing a metalworking partner becomes even more challenging in today’s business climate because, while there can be no sacrifice of quality, cost and speed to market must be […]

Imola Frei, an expert in design and sustainability, will lead GTM Artisan Metal’s business growth initiatives Huntingdon Valley, Pa – June 4, 2018 – GTM Artisan Metal, a leader in laser cut metal panels, decorative screens, custom artisan metal components and the only authorized fabricator of Miles and Lincoln LTD European Designs in the United States, welcomes Imola Frei as […]

The Client STI leads the industry in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases. For over 25 years, the team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. Their SpecSeal® and EZ-Path® product lines are engineered to […]

The Client Flower Orthopedics is the leader in Ready-for-Surgery™ bone fixation. They deliver efficiencies throughout the supply chain that reduce the overall cost of care. A Cost-Effective Solution with Complete Traceability of Material When Flower Orthopedics, a German company, opened a US based facility in Horsham, PA, they were looking for a metal fabrication supplier for their [...]

The Client Tantillo Architecture is a high energy generalist architectural design firm focused on bringing innovative design strategies to commercial and residential clients. They are focused on shaping the built environment with elegant solutions to challenging problems utilizing the latest design tools to facilitate both clarity and precision when presenting their ideas. They seek to […]

The Client Fraser Optics is a defense technology company that designs and produces stabilized optical technology products for the defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and commercial markets. Fraser Optics was founded in 1972 as Fraser-Volpe Corporation. Fraser’s flagship product, the M-25 binocular, established the firm’s position as the sole supplier of stabilized binoculars to the […]

The Client Ensinger’s North American operations focus on processing high performance engineering plastics in their manufacturing facilities located in New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Connecticut and their North American headquarters in Washington, Pennsylvania. Ensinger’s main objective is to expand their market for engineering plastics by combining our extrusion, casting, compression and injection molding expertise with their […]

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