First to Adopt Metal Laser Cutting Services

Red White Machine Used For Metal Laser Cutting Services

Germantown Tool & Manufacturing has been offering metal laser cutting services for over 20 years. As the technology emerged, we quickly recognized the importance of offering precision metal laser cutting to Philadelphia and the greater mid-Atlantic region. Since that time, we have continued to develop our service offerings with new sheet metal laser cutting machinery.

Germantown Tool was the first in the Philadelphia market to offer these services; we remain ahead of the curve today with our advanced equipment and capabilities. Our highly-accurate metal laser cutting services can create parts and components for many niche customer needs. This includes custom orders for single prototypes or production runs that require thousands of parts.

Since its invention, the laser metal cutting process has added a new dimension to the metal fabricating industry. C02 lasers, which were the workhorses of the industry for many years, are being replaced by new Fiber Optic technology. This newer Fiber Optic technology has several advantages, such as enhanced cutting speed, consistency, precision, and overall versatility.

For these reasons, Germantown Tool has invested in 6 kW Fiber Optic Technology. This upgrade in technology is a prime example of how Germantown Tool is committed to continuous improvement as a metal fabricator.

Laser Cutting for Prototyping

Germantown Tool can utilize your Solidworks, DXF/DWG, EPS and STP files to download to our laser and start cutting metal in a matter of minutes. We can also work from a photo of a component that you want to create in metal. Our quick and flexible laser cut prototyping options allow you to move from a concept to a tangible product with minimal difficulty and delay, saving you valuable time during pre-production.

Low-volume Metal Laser Cutting Services

When volume requirements are not large enough to justify the cost of building high-volume production dies, Germantown Tool’s sheet metal laser cutting services bridge the gap. Laser metal cutting has proven to be a cost-effective option for the production of one part or several thousand parts—all without the investment in expensive, high production dies.

With the installation of our 6 kW Fiber Optic Laser system, we can now offer sheet metal cutting for the following metals:

  • Steel up to .750″ thick
  • Stainless up to .625″ thick
  • Aluminum up to .500″ thick
  • Brass up to .500” thick
  • Copper up to .250” thick

Our precision metal laser cutting systems are equipped with two 60” x 120” indexing worktables, allowing for both operator-free and lights-out operation. In addition, the system’s proprietary nesting software maximizes sheet yield while minimizing scrap. The benefit to our customers: quality and savings.

Laser Cutting for Specialized Industries

We work with a variety of industries for their precision laser cutting needs, including the medical, government and defense, food and beverage, architectural, and automotive industries. View our Industries Served page to see if we are already working with partners in your area of expertise. In addition to these specialized areas of experience, Germantown Tool is equipped to serve most customers regardless of industry, as we can customize our metal laser cutting services to meet your unique requirements.

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Our dedicated customer service team is available to discuss your particular sheet metal laser cutting needs and provide you with a price quote. We will guide you through the entire ordering process, including concept manufacturing and prototyping. Contact us directly to get started, or Request a Quote online and our experts will reach out to you. Whether you require a prototype, pre-production samples, or low-to-medium-volume production, Germantown Tool is equipped to support your laser cutting production needs.

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