The Client

Ensinger’s North American operations focus on processing high performance engineering plastics in their manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Connecticut and their North American headquarters in Washington, Pennsylvania. Their main objective is to expand the market for engineering plastics by combining our extrusion, casting, compression and injection molding expertise with their knowledge of high performance polymers and applications, and thus provide their customers with a variety of options as they push the envelope of innovation and part design in their respective industries.

Designed for Manufacture

STI was looking for a partner for their Marine Firestop Collar. Germantown Tool had already been audited and selected by STI for another product, so they turned to them again for assistance. The STI and Germantown Tool engineers worked together to optimize their product’s manufacturability and then Germantown Tool designed and build custom rolling equipment and custom assembly equipment. The product required 12 different sizes of parts— from 50mm – 264mm thick.

For this product, traceability of all materials used in the product was also required and Germantown Tool’s ISO 9001:2015 certification and experience with traceability allowed them to meet this need. Additionally, some components were supplied by STI and stocked at Germantown Tool for quick-turn delivery.

About the Solution

Part Description: Marine Firestop Collar

Material: Steel and Stainless Steel

Application: Prevents spread of fire on board marine vessels, off shore oil rigs, etc

Process: Laser cut, brake bend, roll, powder coat, rivet, assemble, package, palletize

If design for manufacturing, custom parts and traceability is a requirement for your project, contact Germantown Tool and Manufacturing for more information.

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