The Client

Fraser Optics is a defense technology company that designs and produces stabilized optical technology products for the defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and commercial markets. Fraser Optics was founded in 1972 as Fraser-Volpe Corporation. Fraser’s flagship product, the M-25 binocular, established the firm’s position as the sole supplier of stabilized binoculars to the U.S. Army. For over 40 years, Fraser has continued to field innovative and compelling stabilized optical technology solutions to protect America. Current U.S. Government customers include the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Homeland Security.

A Metal Fabrication Partner for Defense and Government Contractors

Fraser Optics traditionally produces their products using standard molded plastic gears. However, they had an application that required a gear profile that was not available in plastic. So, they decided to produce laser cut gears made from metal.

When looking for a partner to produce these precision laser cut gears, imported components were not an option due to military requirements for United States sourcing. Fraser Optics selected Germantown Tool as their domestic laser cut metal gear manufacturer. From the start of the defense technology project, Fraser and Germantown Tool engineers worked together to produce the precision laser cut gear for the most cost-effective manufacturing, while maintaining a high standard of quality for defense technology. Germantown Tool’s fiber optic laser cutting capability provided the necessary precision and speed at a cost that was within budget.

About the Solution

Part Description: Precision pinion and sector gears

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Application: Gyro stabilized binoculars

Process: Laser cut, timesave, tumble, passivate

Germantown Tool’s Cage Code is 32935, DUNS 033926190 and our Quality system is ISO 9001 Certified. We are a member of the local NDIA Chapter and Submarine Industrial Base Council. Learn more about our government and defense contractor expertise by contacting us today.

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