Germantown Tool & Manufacturing was one of the first metal fabricators in the Philadelphia area to offer robotic welding services and capabilities to the market. Throughout the years, Germantown Tool has advanced their services to reach the high level of quality that they offer today. Robotic welding services offer several distinct advantages over conventional hand welding:


Robotic welding and automated welding services yield consistent, even beads, resulting in higher quality, increased strength, and improved cosmetic appearance.


Robotic welders can achieve throughput rates 4-5x that of conventional hand welding. This results in faster turnaround times and reduced production costs.


“Missed welds” are eliminated with a precise automated welding service, resulting in less scrap and rework.


Advanced Robotic Welding Equipment and Services

Germantown Tool currently operates a total of seven robotic welding cells, each equipped with Fanuc robots and Lincoln Electric power supplies. Our capabilities include MIG welding and TIG welding. All robotic welding tables are built in-house to our exacting specifications, ensuring quick setup and breakdown, as well as part-to-part and lot-to-lot consistency. The result? Reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.


Our Experienced Automated Welding Toolmakers

Another important contributor to consistent, high-quality welds is weld fixture construction. For that reason, all Germantown Tool welding fixtures are built in-house by our experienced toolmakers. Supporting our policies for continuous improvement, we also offer specialized education and training for our highly skilled employees to further improve the systems that they work with. You are in good hands with our team members, whether you are seeking robotic welding services, metal tooling and metal stamping, laser cutting, assembly services, or custom sheet metal fabrication.


Specialized Industry Automated Robotic Welding Services

Robotic welding services allow Germantown Tool to offer consistent, high-quality welded assemblies to a variety of industries, including the office furniture, commercial lawn care equipment, recreation and leisure, truck and trailer, and general industrial markets. To view a more detailed list of industries that we have worked within, visit our Industries Served page. In addition to meeting the needs of these industries, we are equipped to offer a wide array of uniquely customized automated welding services.


We are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Germantown Tool has always maintained a core commitment to customer satisfaction. This guiding principal is exemplified by our ISO 9001 certification. In addition to providing top-quality robotic welding services, we continually examine our internal processes to identify opportunities for improvement. As Germantown Tool progresses with each passing year, we are able to provide cutting-edge metal fabrication and welding expertise to each client that we partner with.


Your Full-service Robotic Welding Partner

Germantown Tool can work with you during pre-production, for product concepts, design for manufacture, and prototyping, all of the way through to tooling design and assembly. Germantown Tool will supply parts as simple as a two piece weldment, or as complicated as a 20 piece welded assembly consisting of several metal stampings, studs, and shafts. From the simple to the complex, Germantown Tool & Manufacturing’s robotic welding services can satisfy your most demanding welding requirements with reliable robotic welding technology.

To discuss your particular robotic welding requirements and the scope of your planned production, contact our dedicated customer service team by phone or Request a Quote online.

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