Germantown Tool & Manufacturing offers professional sheet metal fabrication services and custom sheet metal fabrication products to the OEMs in the greater Philadelphia area and greater Mid-Atlantic region. When companies provide sheet metal services, they typically choose to focus on specific niches: prototypes and low-volume production vs. high-volume production, thin materials vs. thicker materials, etc. These specializations are directly dependent on the type of equipment a supplier owns. A major strength of Germantown Tool is our large collection of high-quality manufacturing equipment that is housed within our production facility. This fully equipped facility enables the creation of specialized products that include custom components, parts, and assemblies.


Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication

Germantown Tool is an experienced fabricator of sheet metal products. We are equipped to produce and assemble customized sheet metal components with exacting precision. This includes fabrication of the simplest parts and the most complex assemblies, in large or small quantities. Rather than offering limited options, our extensive sheet fabrication capabilities allow us to provide effective manufacturing solutions for your exact needs. When manufacturing custom products, our machines are compatible with multiple different kinds of metal, sheet lengths, and thicknesses. Germantown Tool has the ability to produce long or short runs of these custom laser cut sheet metal products. Often, fabricated sheet metal components can be used in prototyping or for large scale production operations.


With Fiber Laser Technology along with CNC Brake and Multi-Axis Machining, complex sheet metal components are produced with high degrees of accuracy.

As a premier sheet metal fabrication service, we offer a wide range of specialized production capabilities to accommodate required materials, sizing, and timelines. Our machines can handle some of the most challenging requirements, including:

  • Materials ranging in thickness from .010” to .375”
  • Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass
  • Sizes ranging from a few inches in length up to 10 ft.
  • Low, medium, and high-volume production

Germantown Tool offers advanced sheet metal fabrication with a fleet of machinery used for prototyping and production:

  • 6 kW Fiber Optic Laser cutting system
  • 3 Axis CNC Machining
  • (6) Resistance (spot) welders
  • (2) Shears, 10’ width max.
  • (6) CNC Hydraulic and Mechanical Press brakes, 10’ width, 125 ton max.
  • (7) Robotic welders
  • Misc. assembly equipment

Germantown Tool will also assume complete responsibility for the supply of your sheet metal products. This includes:

  • Purchased components
  • Finishing (painting, powder coating, E-coating, plating)
  • Custom packaging
  • Drop shipping to your warehouse or customer

We supply sheet metal products to several markets including:

  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Office Furniture
  • Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Defense
  • General Industrial
  • Architectural & Artisan


Our Commitment To Quality Custom Sheet Metal

Germantown Tool is ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating that we are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction and continually examining our own processes to make improvements wherever possible. As a part of our ongoing quality control initiatives, we maintain effective application of documented procedures, while ensuring that we conform to the manufacturing requirements of our customers. This helps us to provide ideal solutions to first-time and repeat customers. While striving to have the best manufacturing processes, we also support our employees through education, training, and a safe work environment.


Connect with Germantown Tool & Manufacturing

Contact us to discuss your custom sheet metal fabrication needs and for a price quote on your next order. Our exceptional customer service team will be happy to assist you. Germantown Tool will work with you to ensure that sheet metal components, materials, dimensions, and finishes are in line with your manufacturing requirements. Our goal is to fulfill your precise manufacturing needs with quality and consistency. For long and short runs, we offer specialized sheet metal fabrication services that you can depend on.

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