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Germantown Tool & Manufacturing has over 50 years of experience in tool and die manufacturing for the metalworking industry. We are experts in the manufacturing of metal tooling and metal stamping dies. Since its early days as a metal tooling and metal dies shop in the Germantown area of Philadelphia, the company established a reputation for building high quality metal stamping dies.

Paul Wolf, founder of Germantown Tool & Manufacturing, understood the importance developing talent from within the company. Early on he implemented a tool & diemaker apprentice program, and as a result, most of the toolmakers currently at Germantown Tool started as apprentices and have developed their craft in-house; many have more than 30 years of experience with the company.

As Germantown Tool evolved into a multi-faceted tool and die manufacturing facility, our metal tooling and metal stamping dies capabilities evolved. They now include:

  • Metal stamping dies
  • Robotic welding fixtures
  • Brake tooling
  • Assembly fixtures
  • QC fixtures.

The need for high-quality metal stamping dies is critical to the manufacturing process. Without quality metal tooling, it is impossible to produce consistent, high-quality, metal stampings.

The same is true for producing welded assemblies. The robotic welding process requires precision welding fixtures to position component parts for the welding operation. The robotic welding process also requires component parts that are consistent—from part to part and lot to lot. Further, the robotic welder will only position and weld where it is programmed to; if components are inconsistent or improperly positioned, the result will be defective assemblies, increased rework, and higher scrap costs.

At Germantown Tool we build metal stamping tooling and fixtures that are appropriate for our customers’ parts requirements. From a simple, compound die intended to produce a few thousand pieces, to complex, multi-station progressive dies capable of producing millions of pieces, we have the equipment and experience to supply metal stamping tooling to exacting specifications.

At Germantown Tool, we also recognize the importance of having control over the manufacture of the metal tooling used in our production processes. That’s why we build all of our metal stamping dies, welding fixtures, assembly fixtures, brake tooling, and QC fixtures in-house.

In addition to building and maintaining metal stamping dies for our internal use, we also offer these services to other metal stamping companies, as well as OEMs that have in-house metal stamping operations.

Germantown Tool & Manufacturing is highly regarded as a supplier of high quality, metal stamping dies and metal tooling. Whether we are producing tooling for internal use or for another metal stamping company, we build it to the highest standards in the industry. That’s the only way we know how.

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